Welcome to the Crypto-Audiological Society's on-line resource for Instructional Para-musical Composition and DIY Sound Art. One of the activities of the society is to promote the exploration of instructional or devised works that deal with the material stuff of sound and the modes in which we perceive it. Strategies that embrace serendipity and accident, making nebulous the distinctions between noise-music-performer-audience . Works that take inspiration form the activities of John Cage, Fluxus and the noise aesthetics of the Futurists. We invite you to explore our data-base with the hope that you maybe interested in performing some of the works here. We distribute them freely without restriction, although we respectfully ask that you acknowledge the author in any recorded material or public performance. We would also be very grateful to receive any correspondence on how the piece went, maybe an audio recording or images, that we can put on this website as an example. Email: cryptoaudio@yahoo.co.uk

The Crypto-Audiological Society are looking for contributions to this site. If you interested you can approach us via http://www.myspace.com/thecryptoaudiologicalsociety or email us direct. There are no limitations, other than it should be instructional in some sense. This could include visual scores or work that maybe virtually impossible to realize.

Yours Obscurely

The C.A.S.

Download Title Author Comments Documentation
.pdf Quartet for Glass and Rubber Gloves Christopher Gladwin 2007 Four performers with sheets of glass and rubber goves. Acoustic or Amplified  
.pdf .jpeg Stanley Christopher Gladwin 2007 improvisation and a picture of a kitten  
.pdf Rubber Balloon Ensemble Christopher Gladwin 2007 For a conductor and ensemble of any number of performers each with a rubber balloon.  
.pdf Telepathic Composition #1 Christopher Gladwin 2007 For any number of musicians and a Telepath...